Restrictions on Glyphosate sales in Telangana

Restrictions on Glyphosate sales in Telangana

Telangana Govt issued guidelines restricting the sale and use of Glyphosate herbicide in Telangana.

  • No Glyphosate formulation can be sold in the state till 30th October as no approvals are given by CBRC
  • Between November and May farmers can use Glyphosate in non cropped areas but sale is permitted only on specific recommendation of the authorised officer (ADAs/MAOs)
  • No retailer can sell any of the Glyphosate formulation without a recommendation slip from extension personnel
  • Extension personal should take responsibility of educating the farmers not to use Glyphosate in any crop
  • The Department of agriculture has to monitor and report any unauthorised sale/use. any failure to regulate will call for stringent action against the local ADAs/MAOs.

G.O. Rt No. 273 Dated 26.07.2019 (Glyphosate Formulations)

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