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Andhra Pradesh General Insurance Corp set up

Government of AP has set up Andhra Pradesh General Insurance Corp #APGICL (100% Govt stake) for providing insurance to farmers. It will further extend its services to other insurance sectors.

2020: Telangana Loan waiver

2020 Telangana loan waiver AGLC_RT148 Download the GO
The Telangana Government has notified guidelines for the implementation of farm loan waiver for all loans between outstanding April 1, 2014, and December 11, 2018, with a cap of 1 lakh for each farmer.
Commercial banks have been asked to prepare a list of beneficiaries with the help of local government employees. The total outgo, estimated at 16,000 crore, will be disbursed in four installments. State government had recently allotted Rs 1,198 crore in its 2020-21 budget for the scheme
However, all loans below 25,000 will be cleared at one go. This will benefit 5.83 lakh farmers.
All crop loans sanctioned or renewed on or after April 1, 2014 and outstanding as on December 11, 2018, are eligible for the waiver.
However, gold loans availed from urban and metropolitan banks or bank branches as crop loans will not be eligible for waiver. Loans availed from the these banks, which also service some rural areas, are eligible for loan waiver.
It will cover short-term production loans and crop loans against gold. Each family will be eligible for a waiver of 1 lakh only, including principal and interest. The amount, however, will not include processing charges, legal charges, insurance premium or inspection charges.
While the loans above Rs 25,000 and upto Rs 1 lakh per farmer’s family requires about Rs 24,738 crore, the State government had earmarked Rs 6,225 crore in the budget under the scheme towards first installment.

Exgratia for farmer suicide families in Telangana

Happy to share the good news. Telangana govt has finally released the G.O to grant exgratia to suicide affected farmers families who have been waiting for few years. Congratulations to the relentless fight from the families for this. Special thanks to friends who stood by these families and assisted them in their fight , harinder garu from human rights commision , lawyer vasudha nagaraj and also friends from media who covered this topic in their respective print/digital media deserve special thanks. From this fight we understood that this govt may not listen to us in certain issues unless we approach the courts. However it is huge relief to all of us that finally govt has released this G.O that will benefit some victims families. But they only issued the G.O to assist only 243 families which is disappointing. Still there are around 500 families who are officially recognized by govt as beneficiaries but asre not included (Remaining 257) in this G.O. In nalgonda alone there are 62 families that are waiting but only 45 of them are in this G.O. Some districts like mancherial have not received anything at all. This G.O was result of continuous battle by women from nalgonda districts suicide affected farmers families who were tired of not receiving any response from the govt and has approached the human right’s group and also Rythu Swarajya Vedika team to approach the court for help. But we will continue our fight until all the victims families both that are officially recognized by govt and those who are not receive the deserved exgratia amounts.

RBI issued guidelines extending KCC to animal husbandry and fisheries

Reserve Bank of India has issued guidelines extending Kisan Credit Card scheme to animal husbandry and fisheries. Scale of Finance has to be decided by the DLBC
KCC for Animal Husbandary and Fisheries – RBI Circular.PDF

Compensation on death due to electrocution

ఈ GO ప్రకారం కరెంటు షాక్ వల్ల ఒకవేళ మనిషి చనిపోతే డిపార్టుమెంటు నుండి 5,00,000/- వరకు మరియు పశువులు (ఆవులు, గేదెలు) చనిపోతే 40,000/- వరకు , మేకలు గొర్రెలు అయితే 7,000/- వరకు నష్ట పరిహారం ఇస్తారు. కావున మనం డిపార్ట్మెంట్ తో ఫాలో అప్ చేస్తే వాళ్ళకి తొందర గా సహాయం అవుతుంది
As per the GO issued guidelines in 2017 for providing ex gratia on any death caused by electrocution
humans- Rs. 5,00,000
Cattle (Cows and Buffaloes) -Rs. 40,000
Small Ruminants (Sheep and Goats) – Rs. 7,000

Restrictions on Glyphosate sales in Telangana

Telangana Govt issued guidelines restricting the sale and use of Glyphosate herbicide in Telangana.

  • No Glyphosate formulation can be sold in the state till 30th October as no approvals are given by CBRC
  • Between November and May farmers can use Glyphosate in non cropped areas but sale is permitted only on specific recommendation of the authorised officer (ADAs/MAOs)
  • No retailer can sell any of the Glyphosate formulation without a recommendation slip from extension personnel
  • Extension personal should take responsibility of educating the farmers not to use Glyphosate in any crop
  • The Department of agriculture has to monitor and report any unauthorised sale/use. any failure to regulate will call for stringent action against the local ADAs/MAOs.

G.O. Rt No. 273 Dated 26.07.2019 (Glyphosate Formulations)

Effects of High Tension wires on plants and human beings

If a high tension electric line passes on through the farm land it can have serious impacts on the health of  the crop, animals and human beings  and can also effect real estate value
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In such conditions farmers need to be compensated.
The power ministry has issued Guidelines for payment of compensation towards damages in regard to Riqht of Way for transmission lines.
Telangana State Power Regulatory commission also has issued guidelines
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AP State Agricultural Mission

190701 AP State Agricultural Mission
AP government set up State Agricultural Mission with an objective to have better coordination among the
allied sectors, as a Policy advisory body. The aim of the Mission is to overcome the challenges in delivering quality and timely services to the farming community and also look into all aspects of production, marketing
and pricing of Agriculture and Horticultural commodities to mitigate the agrarian issues.
The Agriculture Mission shall guide the Agricultural Institutions and the farming community on regular basis. Its basic objective is to provide a policy level platform that works towards providing resilience among farmers and
their empowerment.

Disaster Compensation to Telangana Farmers for heavy rains damage in August, 2018

190629 G.O Rt.No.11 Disaster payment
Telangana Government has released Rs. 2234.15 Lakhs towards input subsidy  (disaster compensation under natural calamities) for 51,518 farmers who lost their crops in 28,200.71 ha due to heavy rains between 11th to 23rd August, 2018 across 12 districts of Telangana.
The payment of input subsidy will be done directly to the bank accounts of the farmers which should be aadhar linked as far as possible
payments would be made within 90 days from release of funds
every farmer would be eligible only for one disaster compensation in the same agricultural season.