Exgratia for farmer suicide families in Telangana

Happy to share the good news. Telangana govt has finally released the G.O to grant exgratia to suicide affected farmers families who have been waiting for few years. Congratulations to the relentless fight from the families for this. Special thanks to friends who stood by these families and assisted them in their fight , harinder garu from human rights commision , lawyer vasudha nagaraj and also friends from media who covered this topic in their respective print/digital media deserve special thanks. From this fight we understood that this govt may not listen to us in certain issues unless we approach the courts. However it is huge relief to all of us that finally govt has released this G.O that will benefit some victims families. But they only issued the G.O to assist only 243 families which is disappointing. Still there are around 500 families who are officially recognized by govt as beneficiaries but asre not included (Remaining 257) in this G.O. In nalgonda alone there are 62 families that are waiting but only 45 of them are in this G.O. Some districts like mancherial have not received anything at all. This G.O was result of continuous battle by women from nalgonda districts suicide affected farmers families who were tired of not receiving any response from the govt and has approached the human right’s group and also Rythu Swarajya Vedika team to approach the court for help. But we will continue our fight until all the victims families both that are officially recognized by govt and those who are not receive the deserved exgratia amounts.

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